Now THAT’s impressive! art that I find amazing, leaves

Bored? Cover your face!  old records & a camera

Epic.  Awesome video, must see.

Knitting to a whole new level. see what I mean?

Too cute & too funny; baby trashes bar in las Palmas. hilarious video, very creative and well done

If I had all the money (and space) in the world, I would decorate my house like.. interial design at it’s best

And slide..! why do we still use stairs anyway?

Mother’s Day gift ideas nice gifts to buy and to make yourself!

Did you notice..? did you?

From birth to 12. fantastic video idea

Easy and awesome shadow art If I can do it, so can you!

Shadow Art a marker, canvas and some newspapers

Paintings, but different  my idea of making paintings a bit more fun

Mobile  not only for babies

Hello Stairs!  no more boring stairs

Strawberry Key Rings  easy and cute!

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