I’ve always wanted to make a bucketlist. No lame New Year’s resolutions that no one really accomplishes.  I’ve never really made a list, although I did have an impressive last year. Last year I went travelling through Asia & New Zealand, worked with disabled children in Nepal, went to a movie-set, swam with a seaturtle, tried surfing, bathed with an elephant, worked in an Irish pub, picked grapes at a New Zealand vineyard, went bouldering, got lost in Mumbai, partied on the beach in Goa, saw a group of dolphins in the wild, went to paradise island and moved to a foreign country.
This year I’m really gonna make a list to remind myself what I still really like to do. Life can be short and it’s nice to be able to say you accomplished the goals you had in mind.
Inspired by the Day Zero Project I’ve made my list. And here it is.  For each goal I accomplish I will put 3 euro’s in a jar. Hopefully I’ll have a bit of money at the end of the year. What I am gonna do with the money? I have a year to think about it. 🙂

01. Tourist in my own hometown ✔
02. Go somewhere with my brother
03. Visit a festival ✔
04. Hold a cab in Manhattan ✔
05. Go to a spa / sauna ✔
06. Do something with my mum ✔
07. Visit a concentration camp ✔
08. Celebrate New Year’s abroad
09. Girlfriends weekend
10. Indoor climbing ✔
11. Me and Dad day
12. Go ice climbing

13. Find a nice job ✔
14. Learn to sew clothes
15. Be an active person
16. Find out what I want to do with my life
17. Read a studybook to learn something new
18. Learn to cut hair
19. Learn to walk on heels
20. Go rollerblading
21. Go couchsurfing
22. Learn to whisle
23. Find a hobby & be good at it
24. Knit more

25. Buy a disposable camera and ask people to make a nice photo. When it’s full I get them developed and make a collage.
26. Take a swim in a lake ✔
27. Write a letter to yourself and open it next year around the same time ✔
28. YES Day
29. Walk through the snow barefoot
30. Join a workshop
31. Send 30 cards through http://www.postcrossing.com/ (30 /30) ✔
32. Receive 30 cards through http://www.postcrossing.com/ (30 /30) ✔
33. Milk a cow
34. Be silent for the day
35. Stand-up comedy
36. Go to a fortune-teller

37. Do two things I normally find too scary  (0 / 2)
38. Do something new with my hair

39. Make 25 drawings from by others suggested subjects (0 /25)
40. Make postcards and send them to people I love ✔
41. Make an inspirationbook ✔
42. Make paintings that have inspirational slogans
43. Do something fun with my postcrossing cards

Just for fun 
44. Go to the cinema. Alone ✔
45. See / hear a gospel choir in an American church
46. Pyjama party!
47. Write down a dream and look up the meaning
48. Ask five people for their favorite book and read these (0/5)
49. Inspire someone ✔
50. Get a pet ✔
51. Save enough money for a good camera
52. Make a snow man
53. Join contests until you win something ✔
54. See a dinosaur ✔
55. Give five people a buddah for good luck (0/5)
56. Learn to snowboard
57. Watch 50 movies (20/50)
58. Watch a movie from my birth year (1987) ✔
59. Buy something on a fleamarket
60. Go camping ✔
61. Hold a lamb ✔
62. Bake a cake blindfolded
63. Go ice-skating on natural ice
64. Make a 1000 piece puzzle
65. Volunteer

66. Make a cookbook
67. Try a (for me) new piece of fruit ✔
68. No alcohol for a month
69. Organise a high tea
70. Try caviar ✔
71. Cheese fondue
72. BBQ in the park
73. Try a vegan diet for three weeks
74. Eat lobster
75. Live without cheese for a month
76. Make a pie ✔
77. Make awesome brownies ✔
78. Try out five new recipes (1, 2, 3 /5)
79. Cocktail night!
80. Order something different than usual

81. Make a Bucketlist photobook at the end of the year
82. Make photos in a photobooth
83. Try Geocatching
84. Do something for charity ✔
85. Let a balloon go with a personal message for the person that finds it ✔
86. Make a photo collage of my travels
87. 300 followers on my blog (214 / 300)
88. Go to an arthouse
89. Celebrate Purim ✔
90. Being able to do the splits
91. Go for a picknick in the park
92. Learn something special
93. Go couchsurfing

28 done | 65 to go

Click here to see my accomplishments!

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  1. I love “holding a lamb.” Cute! Also, I highly suggest joining Couchsurfing! I have been on it for a few years now and have loved every moment of it! Literally a slew of my closest friends are people I met through CS!

    Best of luck on the bucket list!

  2. So I must say thank-you so much for being my first follower, as well being such an inspirational person. I need to fill my life with more people like yourself. I must give you credit to the lovely bucket list you’ve got going for yourself, do you expand to it as much as I want to do with mine? 🙂

    Also, would it be totally tacky if I asked your help with making my blog as nice as yours? If you do I appreciate it, if not I also understand. Thank-you

    • Heya! Thank you for visiting and liking my blog! Always nice to hear it’s appreciated! I love bucketlists and I love to read that others also trying to reach their goals. I’m not sure whether I’m the right person to ask for help, since I’m also just goofing around and trying things to see if they work out or not 😛 Just have a look into wordpress and see what options there are for layout. To make your blog more clear you could for example make categories. The categories I have are for example bucketlist, inspiration, creativity, fashion.. When you categorize your posts, people can easily find the posts that interest them, without having to search through the whole blog. Also you could write at the beginning of your page what your whole blog/website is about, what could people expect to find when they ended up at your blog? The next thing is, writing interesting things, what would others like to read about? They don’t know you, so what would make them want to read your stories? Make your stories funny, inspirational or write something thats new and refreshing and would interest people. When you wrote something, you tag your blog. On the right side of a new post you can find TAG. Write down what that post is about, like: bucketlist, goals, humor, funny, life. When you tagged your posts, people can easily find it by searching for these kind of words on wordpress.com. Maybe try to look for posts that you find interesting yourself and ‘like’ them or leave a comment. The owner of the blog might also want to visit yours and also this way you can get more visiters. Well, hope this helps a bit, you can always ask more questions, don’t know if I could help you, like I said, I’m also just starting and finding out how it al works! Good luck! x

  3. Thanks for liking my blog. Yours is looking great. Keep up the good work. I will definitely follow your blog .Work on your bucket list, I will mine. Life is short…your grandparents are surround by your love. That is the best life they could ask for., you should be proud. Keep on blogging. -Rev.James B.Jones

    • Thanks for also stopping by my blog! I hope to finish all my goals before the end of this year 🙂 (quite a challenge because according to my scedule I should be half way now and I’m not..) Have a good week!

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