Blog: How facebook can change your life forever. True story!
A story how two people found eachother after being apart for 21 years. Because of me & facebook. Worth reading!

Blog: Why my grandparents are the best (inspiration | family | love | humor)
A tribute to my grandparents, who are amazing people. I took pictures with them to show you what I mean.

Blog: Who’s next? (thoughts)
A little impression of how things work in Eastern Europe.

Blog: My big inspiration (inspiration)
A tribute to my uncle, a day after he died of Leukemia. He was an inspiration to me, maybe he will be to you too.

Blog: Having trouble deciding? (inspiration)
I always find it difficult to make decisions. You too? Here’s some good tips to make it easier. 

Mother’s Day gift ideas (inspiration)
Some inspiration for presents, for Mother’s Day, or any other occasion. 

Blog: My obsession with celebrity babies
Baby names, who is having a baby when and more useless gossip

Blog: Hello goodbye at Budapest airport (observations | thoughts | love | humor)
Blog about my fascination with airports

Blog: The best feeling in the world  (humor)
What’s the best feeling in the world? This is mine. 

Blog: And we’re naming her… Sister. (observations | humor)
Blog about babynames 

Blog: Bedazzled (humor | information | trends)
Ever heard of vajazzling? Here’s what I think. 

Blog: India for beginners (humor | travel | culture)

Blog: A letter to my prince (Harry) Charming (humor)

Blog: The Waiting Game (humor | culture)
Are you always on time or do you let your friends wait for hours? My point of view. 

Blog: Criminal Minds (observations | humor)

Blog: Blood, Sweat & Luxuries (luxuries | culture | inspiration)

Blog: Strange Dutch Habits (Part 1) (culture | Dutch | humor | information)
All about what Dutch people like and don’t like. Be warned. 

Blog:Strange Dutch Habits (Part 2)  (culture | Dutch | humor | information)
All about what Dutch people like and don’t like. Be warned.

Blog: Valentine’s Madness
My opinion about Valentine’s Day 

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