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10 hands, one piano


With the risk of this song playing in my head the rest of the day, I just had to share this. After Walk of the Earth presented their concept of 5 people on 1 guitar there have been many followers. But this one is pretty awesome so I’m sharing it to the world:

If I had all the money (and space) in the world, I would decorade my house like..



1. People who know me wouldn’t be suprised the first thing on my list is a big comfortable looking bed from the designers of O*GE group. I love sleeping and friends find me sleeping everywhere, in class, on the beach, in the train etc. If I could earn money by sleeping I would. This Giant birdsnest looks so comfortable and really cute! The big pillows make it extra nice and cosy.

2. Such a nice napkin holder. Not that I ever use napkins or would use it  when I have one of these cool stands, it still looks really nice and original. Kind of like art. And art is always appreciated 🙂

3. ‘A few fish in a tank. Says one to another: How do we drive this thing? ‘This sink from demilked is so cool, even though fish really freak me out, I’d love to have this! Also available: fish toilet or fish couch.

4. Yes, crazy catlady strikes again. My boyfriend would laugh at me when I would get something like this, but how cool is this for a cat? This cat even looks like my cat, if that isn’t faith I don’t know what it is. not all all the fact that I have a common type cat. 

5. After the IPad, IPod, IPhone and whatever they have down there at the apple store, now introducing the IPoo. I’m not a apple-fan except for the cheap green fruity ones  I do kind of like the toilet version. Although it doesn’t look very pleasant, more like one of those toilets you find at the side of the road you only go to when there’s a IPoo emergency and the last thing you want to do is to put your bare arse on a piece of cold steel  it does look very original.

6. This bathtub from notcom just looks so comfy! I would like to place it in a somewhat more, well, appealing room with maybe some color and a  candle or two.

7. Not very pretty, but certainly original pillow from Etsy. Nice as a gift to someone who always spills their food.

8. This last one I will get, because all the items above I will never be able to affort, or rather spend my well earned money on experieces, rather than things. Just to dream away before I open the garage door, get my keys and unlock my.. bike.

The JoeyBra, handy or horrible?


Don’t you just hate going clubbin’ and having no place to put your phone or money without having to carry around a handbag? Aussies Mariah and Kyle developed the JoeyBra, a bra for women with a little pocket on the side to put your IPod or IPhone in, or some money. The bra itself look quite pretty and as its shown it looks quite handy as well. I, myself have found myself having coins stuck to my boobs when I woke up in the morning. It had seemed a good idea to put notes in there so I didn’t have to carry a bag, but had forgotten they would give you back coins after buying something. So when I had my first glance at the JoeyBra it seemed like the perfect bra for me.

But then I had a think about it. The bra has only one pocket. So us women would have to choose between putting in.. phone? bankcards? money? warm lipstick? keys? auch! IPod? Or would it be that the bigger the boobs, the more you could carry around? Somehow it also doesn’t seem too elegant to take money out of your bra (believe me, I’ve been there) or even worse, your vibrating phone.

But, that been said, the girl in the video does present it pretty well wearing a perfect dress for it, see how it works!

What do you think girls? Is the JoeyBra what you’ve been waiting for or is it a no-go? And also guys, would you be pleasantly suprised when a women grabs some money out of her top?

So, what’s new?


When I was younger we had a lot of hypes going on. They usually had something to do with toys or fashion. I’ve been mad about stickeralbums, flippos, smurf snot and marbles. We also wore dungarees and fake tattoos around our necks. And not forgetting the fase where we’d buy a 2L bottle of coke and made the biggest fountains by dropping a few menthos’ sweets in there.

These days people seem to need more entertainment. A few years ago it suddenly became enjoyable to see others beat each other up in programs like Jackass, followed by homemade videos on youtube. Teens found more interesting ways of getting drunk; by putting tampons with alcohol up their asses or by just pouring into their eyes. Social media became a big hit and people started sharing their new ways of entertainment. And there was the Laying Down Game. ‘Planking’ as it’s also called. When I first heard of this phenomenon I didn’t think it was actually true. People who like to take pictures of themselves laying on the ground, head down and arms straight next to their bodies. I totally would’ve missed out on this new event if I hadn’t read it in the newspapers or in magazines.

Here’s some of the most ridiculous funniest ‘planking’ photo’s:

 !! The McDonald’s sign! He must have some abs! The one left under is just dangerous.

Can you spot them? 😀

At first I didn’t see the one on the left. This is crazy, did the person just go to the local supermarket and got in there?

Can you find the ‘planker’ in the left picture?

But it doesn’t stop here. Ofcourse it doesn’t! After ‘planking’ the tone was set.

So, what will be next? I think it’s time we just need to cop on to ourselves and play a boardgame or something 😛

Have you heard of some new trends lately? 

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,


The day I gave pink another chance


I never wear pink. It makes me look like a 12 year old. Today I came home and mum had put a pink shirt in my closet. It’s always nice to get something new, even when it’s second hand. I never really buy new clothes. The clothes I have are either second hand, borrowed, old or were on sale. I believe we don’t need to keep buying clothes, but could also be very happy when we trade them or add a new accessory. So what I get I give a try. My friends have different styles, so when I get clothes from them I try to put a different twist to it. It usually works out. So today, after years of blacks, blues, reds and greens I gave pink another chance.

Head scarfs, the new fashion trend. I LIKE. 

Long necklaces, I love them! 

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,




Today I had a lazy day in bed where I watched endless youtube videos. I ended up watching an interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt, where she talks about Vajazzling. This might be old news to you all, but as a down-to-earth Dutch girl I was (and am) amazed. To those who are also new to the concept, I’ll explain it to you in the easiest way possible; vajazzling is a surprise down at the lady bits. Women not only go through the hell of waxing their vajayjays, they now cover up the torture marks with diamonds. You can pick any shape you want, a heart, flower, butterfly or star, or even the name of your lover, nothing is too much. The diamonds are glued on, and fall off after a day or five. A bit of action and your butterfly is back to being a caterpillar.

Now the first question, well, there is only one question really: Why in the world do women feel the need to put diamonds on their crotch? Do women think men like to see our genitals sparkle? To speak for myself, I must say I have never had any complains that men find that my treasury didn’t have enough gems.

Jennifer Love Hewitt on the other hand was clearly excited about the whole thing. She said vajazzling helped her through her horrible break up and she felt pretty again. Huh? Why would you lighten up your Bermuda triangle after your break up? I’m sure it would’ve been a great idea to vajazzle in the morning, but taking your shining star to an empty home afterwards sounds a bit depressing.

And then there’s the most ridiculous thing of all; pejazzling. You can see it coming, it’s for men. That’s right, apparently there’s men out there who think women get turned on by a penis decorated like a Christmas garland. It’s like when a man would wear a big diamond ring. Definitely a surprise, but not sexy.

To me it’s clear, vajazzling is not for me. I’m not a big diamond fan in the first place, but I also find it a bit.. you remember the tramp stamps? In that area. But that’s my opinion, I don’t want to judge others for choosing to pimp their private parts, that’s really their decision. America offers you plenty of options anyway. And don’t be sad if you’re not from the US; Australia is also getting into the vajazzle business. That must be the most glamour you can get down under.

Would you vajazzle / pejazzle your genitals?