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Reusing old shoe boxes


It’s World Earth Day today, and this calls for a serious earth friendly post! I’ve decided to add a category to my weblog: Reuse & Recycling. Under this category I’m going to post some tips how to make something new out of old junk. I believe we can be much more ‘earth-friendly’ by recycling and reusing things we already own. We don’t need to keep buying, but can be a little more creative ourselves and make something out of things we already have laying around the house. It becomes much more personal and original that way and we develop ourselves by doing something creative.

I found some pictures of people reusing their old cardboard shoe boxes. I used to do this a lot myself (now I lack old shoe boxes because I haven’t bought new shoes in ages!) and I loved it. It’s handy and looks awesome.

The only things you need are old shoe boxes (that you probably already have), wrapping paper / magazines / news papers, glue, scissors and lots of small things that need to be organised.

Also nice for kids! You can even do this with your youngsters, making treasure boxes or jewelry boxes.

Or what about using it for wrapping presents? Use some nice wrapping paper or cut pictures out of magazines that the birthdayboy/girl might like. You (and your kids) can decorate the box to make it an extra personal gift.

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,