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Craft ideas: scratching pole for your cat


My cat loves to scratch his nails on the carpet, stairs, couch and so on. It was surely time for a scratching pole, but the bigger ones are always quite expensive so I decided to make one myself.
Things you need:
– an old bookshelf
– 24 meters rope
– cd holder
– fluffy cushion
– old scarf
– saw
– hammer
– paint
– glue
– nails

1. I used an old bookshelf for the top and the bottom of the scratchingpole. I cut in into two parts, one part bigger than the other so you get a stable base. Cost: €0,-

2. I bought a wooden cd holder to use as the middle part of the scratching pole. I would attach the rope on to this part.Cost: €2,- second hand shop

3. I painted the part of the shelf that’s gonna be the bottom part. I just searched the shed in the backgarden and found some blue paint. Cost: €0,-

4. I bought 24 meters of rope in a  hardware store and I wrapped this around the cd holder, glueing it at the corners. Cost: €10,-
5. Then I attached the top and bottom part to the cd holder and put an old fluffy cushion on the top so my cat could chill on that part. Cost: €0,-
6. At last I wrapped the rest of the cd holder with an old scarf so the whole thing would be covered. Cost: €0,-

And the result is there:

Easy, cheap and fun!

Now that’s impressive!


I love art. However, I don’t understand anything about the concept ‘Modern Art’. Some artwork is pretty cool, but what’s on the ground floor of the Museum of Modern Art in New York is just a piece of **** to me. I don’t understand why just randomly hanging your old coat on the wall is making you bloody rich. For me a good piece of artwork is something I wouldn’t be able to make myself, or is so creative that it’s really impressive.  Someone who really impresses me is Lorenzo Duran. He makes art from dried leaves he finds on the streets.

What do you think?

Bucketlist #54. See a dinosaur ✔


25 August 2012

Some people know this about me, most people I haven’t dared to tell this yet. I’m talking about my fascination for dinosaurs. Most children go through the dinosaur fase, I’m still at the peak. I don’t want to be a paleontologist,  dusting off sand for hours and putting miniscule pieces of bone together is not my cup of tea. It’s pure fascination; these giant creatures used to populate the earth. Incredibly bizarre.  When I had to babysit a five year old boy in September last year I couldn’t be more thrilled. Books and movies about dinosaurs everywhere. Together we spent days watching movies and documentaries and reading all the books about the subject.
I think the it all started when I visited a park in France when I was a little girl. In the park there were many dinosaurs made lifelike, including sounds and movement. I remember full well how that massive T-Rex roared at me, and in my eyes he was real. When I close my eyes I can still picture how it moved and sounded, just like all the other dinosaurs at that very park. Other than that experience I also had sleepless nights after watching ‘The land before time’, where a baby dinosaur wants to find his parents accompanied by his friends. Ofcourse T-Rex tries to eat time many times. Terrifying. Still I’m curious, just like I am when I watch horrormovies. I watch them, even though I know they freak me out and I won’t be able to sleep in the dark for weeks.
When my mum told me she wanted to take me to New York I immediately knew where I wanted to go. Ofcourse I wanted to see the statue of Liberty, the 9/11 memorial and the Empire State Building. But the National History Museum would make a dream come true. Real dinosaurs. I’ve seen them! Call me childish but I don’t give a shit. They’re massive! How can you not be fascinated?!

Walk your bike




In Holland we love to cycle. We ride our bikes everywhere, no matter what the weather is like. Rainy that is, mostly. But cycling long distance sometimes makes your bum feel like you’ve been kicked in the arse a few times, pretty damn sore. When I came across this kind of bike, I immediately felt this is something for me. This new developed bike is more for people who just like to, hang out. The bike has no saddle, but a belt that keeps you from falling back to earth.


Check out the video, this looks awesome! Should we all change to this type of cycling?



Bucketlist #85. Let a balloon go with a personal message for the person who finds it ✔


I remember doing this when I was a little girl. The whole school gathered at the playground and all children had a colorful balloon. There was a countdown, but ofcourse a few children couldn’t wait for it and let theirs go before the signal. We all had written down a personal note attached to the string which also had the schools’ address on there, so we could see who’s balloon would travel the furthest. I didn’t win, but the exitement was the best part. When I was thinking about this a while ago my heart got filled with exitement again and I decided to put this on my bucketlist. Today was the day, I phoned a local party-rental shop and asked them for two balloons. The man on the other end of the phone was a bit suprised by the request of just two helium-filled balloons, but money is money so he said to pick them up in half an hour. I’m sure he thought we were about twelve years old when he opened the door and saw two small girls there he also said ah thats so cute when he opened the door, fucker!  but in all fairness it’s find of a silly thing to do so whatever. I enjoyed it anyway and hope to hear soon from the person who found my note 🙂

Hippie hair wrapping :)


Back when I was just a little girl, hair wrapping was very popular. At the many fleamarkets I went to, there was always a little stand where women were wrapping childrens hair in lovely colors. I’ve had it done many times, usually in bright colors. I forgot about it until it recently popped up in my head. Since I’m a bit of a hippiegirl, I thought it would be nice to do it again, except for more natural colors this time, I mean, I’m a bit childish but I don’t want to exaggerate.. 😉

I used two different colors for this one and added some beads in the end. You could also use for example feathers, to make it even more hippie-ish 🙂

The one on the right I did with woolen string, it’s one string with different colors. When you use wool, be aware its a lot thicker than normal thread/string.

And heres how you do it:

(I have never made a video before so forgive me for the funny faces :P)
You can use multiple colors and put beads in there, love it! Enjoy 🙂

Bored? Cover your face!


When I’m bored I surf through the internet looking for inspiration, funny pictures or anything really that will keep me from doing something useful entertained. I came across this picture hype where people hold a record / magazine cover in from of them and make it look lifelike. Heres a few that I came across today, some are freakishly real!

So, bored off your face and some old records you can use? Send in your own original ‘cover your face‘ 😀

Why my grandparents are the best (pictures to prove it :P)


I have a special bond with my grandparents. Unlike some people, I never hated to go visit them. They’re both in their 80’s although my granddad tells people he’s 46, you’re as young as you feel and unfortunately not as fit as they used to be.

My granddad is a strong man. During WOII he was forced to join the army and has fought in Indonesia for years, while my grandmother waited for him at home, not hearing from him for months. After he got back they got married, and a few years later they had my uncle. My mum came a few years later, my granddad delivered her himself, because the doctor forgot his book and had to go home to look up what he had to do. When he came back my mum was already born and the doctor asked my granddad: ‘So, how did you do it?’. My granddad always worked hard in a paperfactory, while my grandma stayed at home with the children. My granddad is a man with a great sense of humor, always joking around and fooling all of us when he’s pretending to have a sore back and laughing hard when we’re concerned. On the other hand he’s a very stubborn old man, who has his own specific opinion and it’s very hard to make him think otherwise. My grandma is caring, she wants to please everyone and is always interested. She can worry a bit too much sometimes, so we tend to keep the bad news to ourselves. Come to think of it, I’m a mix of both my grandparents, maybe that’s why they mean so much to me.

Unfortunately they’re getting older, my granddad has laughed at men and woman strolling by with their walkers or in wheelchairs, but now he can’t deny he needs one himself. Still he prefers to sit down on his walker and rolling backwards into the elevator, because it’s just more fun that way. My grandma has had Altzheimer disease for a couple of years and recently my granddad is also diagnosed with a form of Altzheimer. My grandma is very forgetfull and her short term memory has almost gone completely. Still, she always remembers what I’m up to, which is pretty special. Altzheimer disease has been hard on my grandma, who does notice she has the memory of a fish; she almost forgets the moment something happened. Altzheimer can sometimes lead to hillarious situations, though. Everytime I visit them, I find something different in the cookie cabinet. While my grandmother is looking for cookies, I try to take out pairs of shoes, a half-full pack of juice and a paperplate with what looks like a cold, deep fried snack, without her noticing it. Things are never in the right place, and I often find the remote controll in the magazine chest or the sugar in the tv cabinet.

Also they now go to ‘daycare’, because it’s now becoming too dangerous for them to be on their own. To give an example; my granddad walked all the way to their old house when they had just moved, to pick up his laptop because he thought he needed it. that he doesn’t know how to use is just a side issue He didn’t bother asking anyone for help, he just took off and tried to carry the heavy thing back to the new flat. Please notice that my granddad already has trouble walking without the walker, let alone walking all the way there without it, carrying a heavy laptop. That it didn’t go smoothly goes without saying; on the way back he fell down in front of the elevator and broke his ringfinger.  Now they live in a nursinghome there’s a few people looking after them, which is quite nessesary because, stubborn as my granddad is, he tried to cut off the cast with a sharp knife because he thought it was uncomfortable.

My grandparents are not religious, but live in a religious nursinghome, so to their suprise the first week they found themselves attending a service and to make matter worse for them, they were seated in the front. They decided to just keep listening, but at the end of the service everyone around them started singing. My grandma was half asleep, but my granddad was fairly awake and didn’t want to stand out of the crowd, and have a little bit of fun of his own so he started miming the hymns. Apperently he got really into it, because afterwards the nurse came up to him to compliment him on knowing the words so well and his excellent singing. He tells me this story every week, while laughing hard at his own prank.

My grandparents are the sweestest, kindest and funniest people I’ve ever met, and to give you a bit of an idea why, I took some pictures with my IPad.

Always cherish the people around you, think of what you have before it’s gone.