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Hippie hair wrapping :)


Back when I was just a little girl, hair wrapping was very popular. At the many fleamarkets I went to, there was always a little stand where women were wrapping childrens hair in lovely colors. I’ve had it done many times, usually in bright colors. I forgot about it until it recently popped up in my head. Since I’m a bit of a hippiegirl, I thought it would be nice to do it again, except for more natural colors this time, I mean, I’m a bit childish but I don’t want to exaggerate.. 😉

I used two different colors for this one and added some beads in the end. You could also use for example feathers, to make it even more hippie-ish 🙂

The one on the right I did with woolen string, it’s one string with different colors. When you use wool, be aware its a lot thicker than normal thread/string.

And heres how you do it:

(I have never made a video before so forgive me for the funny faces :P)
You can use multiple colors and put beads in there, love it! Enjoy 🙂


Bucketlist #53. Join contests until you win something ✔


I never really won anything in my life, at least not that I can recall. Sure, with the community (children) bingo or at a fun fair at a ‘always a winner’ stand, but that’s not the same. I mean really winning something, that you’re randomly picked out of many others.  I signed up for many contests in my life, often the ones you just need to fill out your information details, but also the ont of es where you need to actually make an effort. I guessed the amount of coins in a jar, the weight of a bike, made a childrens drawing saying I’m seven years old, thought of reasons why I’m the person that deserves a relaxing weekend away or other bullshit to make them pick me over others. But all to no avail. They never picked me.
Until two days ago! You might have heard about the vintage website of Fifties Darling (and if not, check it out!). This website is all about vintage and thrifting and has a special give-away every few weeks. A few weeks ago she had put on this wonderful give-away purse, the one that I had been looking for for ages, but never found. Immediately I signed up for it, but never expected to actually win it. Two days ago I heard that I won and today I found it in my mailbox. I love it, thank you so much Darling!

Darkblue purse, perfect size!

Love it!

So the moral of the story is.. never give up! 😀

The JoeyBra, handy or horrible?


Don’t you just hate going clubbin’ and having no place to put your phone or money without having to carry around a handbag? Aussies Mariah and Kyle developed the JoeyBra, a bra for women with a little pocket on the side to put your IPod or IPhone in, or some money. The bra itself look quite pretty and as its shown it looks quite handy as well. I, myself have found myself having coins stuck to my boobs when I woke up in the morning. It had seemed a good idea to put notes in there so I didn’t have to carry a bag, but had forgotten they would give you back coins after buying something. So when I had my first glance at the JoeyBra it seemed like the perfect bra for me.

But then I had a think about it. The bra has only one pocket. So us women would have to choose between putting in.. phone? bankcards? money? warm lipstick? keys? auch! IPod? Or would it be that the bigger the boobs, the more you could carry around? Somehow it also doesn’t seem too elegant to take money out of your bra (believe me, I’ve been there) or even worse, your vibrating phone.

But, that been said, the girl in the video does present it pretty well wearing a perfect dress for it, see how it works!

What do you think girls? Is the JoeyBra what you’ve been waiting for or is it a no-go? And also guys, would you be pleasantly suprised when a women grabs some money out of her top?

Recycled Magazine Bracelets


I love to be able to make things myself, it’s creative and original and this time also very good for the environment. Recycling can be a lot of fun, as well as it saves a lot of money. For this bracelet you don’t really need a lot of things, you probably already have the materials laying around somewhere at home. I had anyway, so I didn’t need to buy anything and still make something nice!

This bracelet is made out of an old magazine and some cord I found in a dusty closet. I did this with my 5th grade students and they loved it! It’s so easy, fast and fun.

Half an hour work 🙂

What do you need:
  • Old catalogs and magazines
  • Toothpicks
  • (elastic) cord / string
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Clear nailpolish?
How to make it:
  1. Cut out 3/4″ wide strips of old magazines, 1/2 the page length. The width you can change according to how long you want your beads to be. My bracelet needed 14 strips, but I have very small writsts you you might need more. I used pages that had mostly yellow, black and orange in there, but you can do it with any colors. 🙂
  2. To make a bead, tightly roll one triangle (base to point) around the toothpick. I used two toothpicks at the same time to get a bigger hole in the middle, since my cord was pretty thick and you need two pieces of cord go through the bead. Glue the end of the strips. Take the bead off the tookthpicks and let it dry while you continue on making the other beads. I didn’t have anything to cover the beads, but you can use clear nailpolish to make them waterproof and strong.
  3. Thread the first bead onto the center of the cord. Take one side of the cord to thread the next bead, and then take the other side of the cord and pull it through the bead, making a cross in the middle (inside) of the bead. Continue adding beads in this way, tightening and straightening them as you go, until the bracelet is long enough to stretch around your wrist.

    You can make it with with beads inbetween as well, different colors and shapes.

    Or thread it in an easier way 

    The video below shows clearly how to make awesome paper beads, they’re a bit smaller than the ones I used for my bracelet, but like I said, you can make them as wide as you like!!

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,


The day I gave pink another chance


I never wear pink. It makes me look like a 12 year old. Today I came home and mum had put a pink shirt in my closet. It’s always nice to get something new, even when it’s second hand. I never really buy new clothes. The clothes I have are either second hand, borrowed, old or were on sale. I believe we don’t need to keep buying clothes, but could also be very happy when we trade them or add a new accessory. So what I get I give a try. My friends have different styles, so when I get clothes from them I try to put a different twist to it. It usually works out. So today, after years of blacks, blues, reds and greens I gave pink another chance.

Head scarfs, the new fashion trend. I LIKE. 

Long necklaces, I love them! 

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,


For the love of Green


Welcome spring! Welcome Back sunshine! I’ve missed you. Spring has started and my mood has changed. I don’t spend whole afternoons in bed anymore, listening to the rain ticking on the windows and hot chocolate to keep me warm. Finally it’s the time again to sit on the balcony, attempting to get a tan and listening to birds singing. With positive weather come happy clothes, this spring we see the colourful jeans everywhere we go. And I love them! I’m just not a big fan of extremely bright colours, but I can’t say no to a nice pastel green / yellow pair of pants! Here’s the look that I love most with the best of spring 2012.

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,


Gypsy LOVE

Gypsy LOVE

I love the gypsy / bohemian style! I love the vintage, the colours, the jewelery, the long wide dresses, the feathers and everything about it. It makes me want to smile. These rings here are awesome. Big and colourful! I like!

The blue and the feathers remind me of summertimes and festivals. Places where everyone is happy and you find many, many different kinds of people, with different ways of dressing and expressing themselves. Festivals make people connect and respect eachother for who and what they are. Brilliant. It should be like that everywhere, all the time.

The layers are perfect for when it’s cold, in the summer you wear colourful dresses.

I love to stroll around thriftstores to find wonderful secondhand clothes for little money.Why consuming more and more when you can re-use and recycle perfectly good stuff?

Mary-Kate Olsen has great syle!