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The JoeyBra, handy or horrible?


Don’t you just hate going clubbin’ and having no place to put your phone or money without having to carry around a handbag? Aussies Mariah and Kyle developed the JoeyBra, a bra for women with a little pocket on the side to put your IPod or IPhone in, or some money. The bra itself look quite pretty and as its shown it looks quite handy as well. I, myself have found myself having coins stuck to my boobs when I woke up in the morning. It had seemed a good idea to put notes in there so I didn’t have to carry a bag, but had forgotten they would give you back coins after buying something. So when I had my first glance at the JoeyBra it seemed like the perfect bra for me.

But then I had a think about it. The bra has only one pocket. So us women would have to choose between putting in.. phone? bankcards? money? warm lipstick? keys? auch! IPod? Or would it be that the bigger the boobs, the more you could carry around? Somehow it also doesn’t seem too elegant to take money out of your bra (believe me, I’ve been there) or even worse, your vibrating phone.

But, that been said, the girl in the video does present it pretty well wearing a perfect dress for it, see how it works!

What do you think girls? Is the JoeyBra what you’ve been waiting for or is it a no-go? And also guys, would you be pleasantly suprised when a women grabs some money out of her top?


The day I gave pink another chance


I never wear pink. It makes me look like a 12 year old. Today I came home and mum had put a pink shirt in my closet. It’s always nice to get something new, even when it’s second hand. I never really buy new clothes. The clothes I have are either second hand, borrowed, old or were on sale. I believe we don’t need to keep buying clothes, but could also be very happy when we trade them or add a new accessory. So what I get I give a try. My friends have different styles, so when I get clothes from them I try to put a different twist to it. It usually works out. So today, after years of blacks, blues, reds and greens I gave pink another chance.

Head scarfs, the new fashion trend. I LIKE. 

Long necklaces, I love them! 

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,