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Now that’s impressive!


I love art. However, I don’t understand anything about the concept ‘Modern Art’. Some artwork is pretty cool, but what’s on the ground floor of the Museum of Modern Art in New York is just a piece of **** to me. I don’t understand why just randomly hanging your old coat on the wall is making you bloody rich. For me a good piece of artwork is something I wouldn’t be able to make myself, or is so creative that it’s really impressive.  Someone who really impresses me is Lorenzo Duran. He makes art from dried leaves he finds on the streets.

What do you think?

Knitting to a whole new level


Knitting is hot. Knitting is no longer just an old granny’s way to pass the time, it’s now just a cool thing to do. Last Christmas I also got the hang of it. At least, my mum taught me the basics and I was very pleased with myself when I finished my own knitted headband. I must admit, knitting for me was more a necessity than an intrest, I was short on cash and really wanted a headband since my ears were freezing off in the cold Slovak winter. But it turns out to be fun! When I struggled at first (my fine motor skills are just crap) I started to get the hang of it and after one evening of knitting my headband was ready to take his first trip outside.

When I went outside I suddenly started to realise more people had gotten into knitting that winter. It’s funny how when you’re getting into something or learn something new it suddenly starts to appear everywhere. As well with the knitting. Not only did I realise a lot of people wore headbands and knitted hats, other things had also gotten a warm coat for the winter. Lampposts and complete walls were covered in bright knitted covers. It looked really nice and colorfull, and much nicer than the old graffiti art.

I decided to look up this phenomenon to see where this specific creative outburst came from. It turns out is has a name: Yarn Bombing.  Yarn Bombing started in 2005 in Houston, Texas. A small group called Knitta Please decided to hang their old pieces of knitwork because it would be a waste to throw out and the city would become a little brighter. The next project was in Paris and these days the whole world can enjoy colorful knitted threes, lampposts, benches and everything else that could be covered. I love it, it really makes me happy when I see it!


Knitted Mini Cooper! I want this one!

Nom Nom Nom

Stairs made by Knitta Please!

Shopping Chart

Wow, beautiful!

This looks so comfy! (When dry)

June 9 is International Yarn Bombing day. So are you good with knitting needles? Join the rest of the world by making your city a little bit more cuddly and colorful!

Are there Yarn Bombers active in your city? What did they make? 

Too cute & Too funny: Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas


This video is just hilarious. It’s a trailer for the short movie “Las Palmas” by Johannes Nyholm. His one year old daughter plays the main character; a middle aged woman who trashes a bar in Las Palmas. The rest of the parts are played by puppets. It’s amazing how you’re watching a baby, but also see a middle aged drunk woman. Really impressive and innovative work!
Too cute and too funny! Watch the whole video, I rolled off my chair laughing 😀

This video is just the trailer, the short film (13 min.) you can watch here.

If I had all the money (and space) in the world, I would decorade my house like..



1. People who know me wouldn’t be suprised the first thing on my list is a big comfortable looking bed from the designers of O*GE group. I love sleeping and friends find me sleeping everywhere, in class, on the beach, in the train etc. If I could earn money by sleeping I would. This Giant birdsnest looks so comfortable and really cute! The big pillows make it extra nice and cosy.

2. Such a nice napkin holder. Not that I ever use napkins or would use it  when I have one of these cool stands, it still looks really nice and original. Kind of like art. And art is always appreciated 🙂

3. ‘A few fish in a tank. Says one to another: How do we drive this thing? ‘This sink from demilked is so cool, even though fish really freak me out, I’d love to have this! Also available: fish toilet or fish couch.

4. Yes, crazy catlady strikes again. My boyfriend would laugh at me when I would get something like this, but how cool is this for a cat? This cat even looks like my cat, if that isn’t faith I don’t know what it is. not all all the fact that I have a common type cat. 

5. After the IPad, IPod, IPhone and whatever they have down there at the apple store, now introducing the IPoo. I’m not a apple-fan except for the cheap green fruity ones  I do kind of like the toilet version. Although it doesn’t look very pleasant, more like one of those toilets you find at the side of the road you only go to when there’s a IPoo emergency and the last thing you want to do is to put your bare arse on a piece of cold steel  it does look very original.

6. This bathtub from notcom just looks so comfy! I would like to place it in a somewhat more, well, appealing room with maybe some color and a  candle or two.

7. Not very pretty, but certainly original pillow from Etsy. Nice as a gift to someone who always spills their food.

8. This last one I will get, because all the items above I will never be able to affort, or rather spend my well earned money on experieces, rather than things. Just to dream away before I open the garage door, get my keys and unlock my.. bike.

Funniest celebrity photos


Martin Schoeller is a German photographer living in New York. His work is phenonomous, his portaits brilliant. These photo’s of celebrities are funny and original, taking the piss a little bit. I think it’s great that these celebrities also show a bit of humor and not taking themselves so seriously for once.

Paul Rudd knows it; pink hair is fashionable!

Jack Black: What are you looking at?

Russell Brand is getting lonely without Katy. It’s just not the same.

Zach Galifianakis: ‘Did I spill something?’

Who wouldn’t want to (get a) ride (with) Jason Segel?

Robin Williams and cleaning lady are just hanging out.

Jay Z and kitty waiting for Bé with a super romantic dinner.

Angelina Jolie

Owen Wilson

George & Brad’s ballgame
Hottie Daniel Radcliffe

From birth to age of 12


Must-see! I came across a youtube video from Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester. He filmed his now twelve year old daughter every week from birth. He made this time lapse from the many videos he has.

I love the idea, you can see the little girl grow up in 2.45 minutes. Amazing to have of your children!

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,


Easy and awesome shadow art!


Incredibly easy to make and it looks awesome! After my first attempt I decided to try another one, it’s so much fun to be creative and you end up with something nice for the room. 🙂 I’m not really that happy about it, but the idea is nice and it’s definitely worth the try! All you need is a canvas, some old newspapers, glue, scissors and a black marker.

Worth the try?

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,


Shadow Art

Shadow Art

Yesterday I found this cute piece of artwork somewhere on the internet (piture left).  I think it’s so creative and it looks really nice! Besides, it looked easy to make so I decided to give it a go on one of my small canvases that I took from home. I looked through the old newspapers my landlady hopefully wasn’t planning on reading again and cut a few pages out. Then I went on a hunt for a black marker. Since I live in Slovakia and  I don’t have my crafty stuff with me I look through closets in our house and found some markers in my roommates room. He’s not the crafty kind of type, so I’m not too worried he will miss his crayons.
When I got all my stuff together I got started; Cut out pages from newspapers and glue them on my canvas. Then I drew the branch with the birds on it with a pen and colored the whole thing with my, eh my roommate’s, black marker. And here’s the result.

Looks alright doesn’t it? 🙂

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,