Bucketlist #53. Join contests until you win something ✔


I never really won anything in my life, at least not that I can recall. Sure, with the community (children) bingo or at a fun fair at a ‘always a winner’ stand, but that’s not the same. I mean really winning something, that you’re randomly picked out of many others.  I signed up for many contests in my life, often the ones you just need to fill out your information details, but also the ont of es where you need to actually make an effort. I guessed the amount of coins in a jar, the weight of a bike, made a childrens drawing saying I’m seven years old, thought of reasons why I’m the person that deserves a relaxing weekend away or other bullshit to make them pick me over others. But all to no avail. They never picked me.
Until two days ago! You might have heard about the vintage website of Fifties Darling (and if not, check it out!). This website is all about vintage and thrifting and has a special give-away every few weeks. A few weeks ago she had put on this wonderful give-away purse, the one that I had been looking for for ages, but never found. Immediately I signed up for it, but never expected to actually win it. Two days ago I heard that I won and today I found it in my mailbox. I love it, thank you so much Darling!

Darkblue purse, perfect size!

Love it!

So the moral of the story is.. never give up! 😀


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