Something to melt away with..


Is it a hare? Is it a cat?

I wanna go that directi…zz.zzzz….

Faster faster! You’re not going fast enough!

What are you looking at?!

Love you always best bear in the world..!

Branches; sometimes they appear out of nowhere..!

Psst! Do you see that chick there? Nice!


7 responses »

  1. Hi,
    Oh my they are gorgeous photos, that poor little kitten, I do feel so sorry for it, but my favourite is the puppy and the bear, just too cute for words. 😀

    • Wow thats so nice, thanks a million! I must say I’m quite unfamiliar with the whole thing, so just to check up; I need to nominate 10 others? And they all get the award? Haha I feel like such a loser for not knowing this! 😉

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