Let the games begin..!


It’s officially that time again. That time of madness where everyone goes crazy, get’s dressed up and drinks until they drop over a game of soccer. I’m from Holland and the Dutch are big into their soccer. Everyone seems to watch the matches and everyone pretends to know everything there is to know about soccer and our national team. The Dutch go crazy when it comes to soccer championships. They practically move to a camping spot in the country where it’s held, overruling everyone else with their overdone orange appearance, beer crate towers and loud singing in broken English. But not only abroad they’re making an ass of themselves, try to avoid Holland during the FIFA if you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a drunk orange crowd, thinking you got sucked into a fanta soda.

There are a few different kind of viewers. There’s the die-hard fans, who claim to have the exclusive right to say anything about whether it’s offside or not and push you away from the screen while shouting s-s-h-h!! when you put down the peanuts. Then there’s the gamblers, who don’t even care that much about soccer, but just find any excuse to bet over and don’t stop sending e-mails to join their poules. The most annoying would be the emotional viewer, who drinks until he drops when his team is winning but ruins your party when they lose. Last but not least is the kind that most women belong to; the accidental viewers, who watch because there’s basically nothing else to do. Who enjoy dressing up in sexy orange dresses, having the table full of orange snacks, have a few drinks and watch twenty-two hot men running around a field in sexy shorts, waiting for them to take off their t-shirts. That last type of viewer is often not appreciated by the die-hard fans, who often tend to get annoyed with the last named and throw popcorn at them.

Even though I’m part of the last group and I usually don’t give a tiny rats ass about soccer, during the World Cup / European Cup I reveal a whole new side of me. Out of nowhere I change into the die hard fan and find myself shouting soccerterms at the tv that until recently I’d never heard of before. I’m the one that pushes away anyone who even dares to come close to the screen and I end up knowing all the names, birthdates and relationship statuses of the players.

What I also enjoy is the solidarity that comes with these championships. I love when ones every two years our nation becomes one, everyone is supporting the same thing and is out to have a good time and celebrate together. I love to see foreigners also dressed up in orange and finally feel like they’re a part of it. Once every two years there’s no racism, but we all love eachother because we’re all part of the same team: Holland.  Also for that reason I hope we will last a bit longer in championship, so we can enjoy all the happiness that comes with it.

I don’t want to be thinking about the horrible match we played against Denmark yesterday, but I’m getting all pumped up and reading for the match against Germany. I don’t know if I dare to watch, since we’d rather eat our own hands than losing from our biggest rival. It’s not like we hate the Germans, we just don’t like them. 😉

Let the games begin..!


Who do you reckon is gonna win the European Cup?


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