Monster in a rabbit harness


My little monster is not allowed to go outside. Because we have three rotweilers in the backyard who would love a piece of him, I’ve decided not to take the risk and keep the doors closed. But ever since the weather’s been nice and he’s staring out the window I decided to think of a sollution to our problem. In the pet shop I came across a small animal harness, which, as the carton said, is very suitable for rabbits. The first question that came to mind when I read this was: ‘Who would walk their rabbit?’ There were even harnesses for smaller pets! Would there be people out there who walk their hamsters? Anyway, when I came home yesterday, I just had to try if it would fit. Darwin didn’t have too much of a problem with his rabbit harness except for the time my boyfriend tried to drag him around the room with it and he was happy chilling out in the sun, safe and sound. The main reason for getting the harness however, was that we have a long journey ahead of us. In 3 weeks we’re travelling from East-Slovakia to The Netherlands, by train and by car. This is gonna be a long, pain-in-the-arse- journey for me and my friend, but it’s gonna be even worse for Darwin, who has to spend his time in a animal travelbox. Now I have the harness we could stop for walks (and poos!) and hopefully our journey wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. But it’s all for a good cause, he’s gonna be very happy with the big garden waiting for him in Holland 🙂

Darwin the first time having his harness on.

Haha, kind of cute. I’m gonna make the lead a bit longer so when we do he could walk a bit further.


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