Beautiful places in the world: Nepal


Nepal lies in South Asia, between India and China. Nepal to me is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Every country has it’s own specialties and beauty, Nepal has a rich culture and amazing  mountains. Hinduism is very big here, and almost every week they celebrate something special by holding big ceremonies at their amazing temples. Dressed in their colorful saris and carrying baskets full of food and flowers to sacrifice for the Gods. Sometimes there’s even music and dances included before lighting the candles.


The people are poor but incredibly friendly and hospitable. They would invite you for a cup of chai (thee with lots, lots, lots of sugar and milk) or a plate of dal bhat (rice with a curry of lentils, potatoes, spinach, califlower and carot). In Nepal also lie the Himalayas,where also the worlds largest mountain, the Mount Everst, is located. The himalayas have at least 40 peaks above the 7.000 meter, which gives a fantastic view from the sky or when trekking.



Besides mountains and lakes, Nepal has some amazing national parks where you can ride elephants, kano in a crocodile river, go river rafting, kayaking or do a jungle tour where you might see tigers, elephants, rhinos, dear and crocodiles!

And ofcourse Nepal has lots more to offer! You can do a yoga / medatation course at one of the many buddist monasteries, rent motorbikes and explore the county by driving through the bright green ricefields, see a bollywood movie, shop in Thamel in Kathmandu (don’t forget to haggle!) or go bungeejumping! Nepal is an amazing country, definitely worth visiting!


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  1. Sorry, don’t know what happened there… Would love to travel with a motorcycle through Nepal – I think it would be and awesome experience.

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