Having trouble deciding?


Like many others I find it difficult to make decisions. The size of the matter makes no difference, it could be about having to choose between two meals at a restaurant or whether I’d move to a different country or not, either way I’m having trouble deciding. The longer I’m thinking about it, the more difficult it gets. I’m gonna thick off the up and downsides of things, think it over another twenty times and not rarely end up deciding in a hurry and regretting it later.

So how do you make the right decisions? I asked around and here are the answers to the question: ‘How do you make a good decision?’

–  ‘When you’re having doubts, don’t do it’

– ‘Always listen to your heart, what does it tell you?’

– ‘Don’t let others influence you, make the decision for YOU, not for others.’

– ‘Listening to emotion only is the key to bad luck. Use a combination of head and heart; fantasize about what you really want, then find out whether this is realistic and possible. Only when the head says it’s possible the heart can make the decision.’

– ‘You’re more likely to regret the things you didn’t do, than the things you did you.’

– ‘Practical decisions (like finances) should be taken with the head, others (like relationships) with the heart.’

– ‘When you’ve decided, wait a bit before taking some action. Your heart will tell you soon after making the decision if it was the right one or not. When you stay restless with the feeling: ‘But this is not really what I want’, it’s not the right decision. But when your heart agrees, let the other option go and really go for what you choose.’

Have a good weekend!


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