Getting older? Fantastic!


Not rarely you hear people talking negative when they’re getting a year older. Or they simply deny they’re about to reach a certain age. Apperently for some people it’s very confronting that they’re getting older.

There are also people who don’t get older, who would’ve loved to make a big party of every birthday, but never got the chance to.

Always celebrate your birthday, in your own way, with a big party or a small one, with your partner, children, family or friends. Or make your own private party, but celebrate! Be glad you got to reach that age and enjoy it to the fullest!

In my family someone is fighting for his life. A wonderful man who would love to get older and see his children grow up, getting old and grey together with his wife and being able to experience things in life we sometimes take for granted. I think about him every day and hope he will celebrate another birthday at the end of this year.


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  1. I agree with this sentiment… every year is a blessing to do fun and interesting things, to spend time with loved ones, and enjoy what life and the world has to offer.

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