So, what’s new?


When I was younger we had a lot of hypes going on. They usually had something to do with toys or fashion. I’ve been mad about stickeralbums, flippos, smurf snot and marbles. We also wore dungarees and fake tattoos around our necks. And not forgetting the fase where we’d buy a 2L bottle of coke and made the biggest fountains by dropping a few menthos’ sweets in there.

These days people seem to need more entertainment. A few years ago it suddenly became enjoyable to see others beat each other up in programs like Jackass, followed by homemade videos on youtube. Teens found more interesting ways of getting drunk; by putting tampons with alcohol up their asses or by just pouring into their eyes. Social media became a big hit and people started sharing their new ways of entertainment. And there was the Laying Down Game. ‘Planking’ as it’s also called. When I first heard of this phenomenon I didn’t think it was actually true. People who like to take pictures of themselves laying on the ground, head down and arms straight next to their bodies. I totally would’ve missed out on this new event if I hadn’t read it in the newspapers or in magazines.

Here’s some of the most ridiculous funniest ‘planking’ photo’s:

 !! The McDonald’s sign! He must have some abs! The one left under is just dangerous.

Can you spot them? 😀

At first I didn’t see the one on the left. This is crazy, did the person just go to the local supermarket and got in there?

Can you find the ‘planker’ in the left picture?

But it doesn’t stop here. Ofcourse it doesn’t! After ‘planking’ the tone was set.

So, what will be next? I think it’s time we just need to cop on to ourselves and play a boardgame or something 😛

Have you heard of some new trends lately? 

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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