Everything is gonna be alright :)


Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned. Most things seem to work out for me, but when they don’t I can be a bit upset for a while. These days I find it easier to cope with disapointments like these, because as it always turns out, when things go differently than expected, something better will come along anyway. And then I find myself thinking; the way this turned out is even  better than the original plan. As if it was suppose to happen this way. The quote below really stands for exactly that, and it’s so very true.

But sometimes the hallways can be a BITCH!

So don’t be too upset when things don’t work out the way you hoped, hang in there, something better will come along!

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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  1. Whether or not everything will indeed be all right in the end, approaching life as if it will be is liberating and constructive. It gives you a reason to persevere. Thanks for writing this!

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