The best feeling in the world


Today I once again got to experience one of the best feelings in the world. I don’t get this specific feeling too often and maybe that’s why I still appreciate it as much as I do. I’m pretty sure everyone has been in this particular situation before and apreciated it when it happened to them, they just didn’t see the special moment coming.  But when that moment is there, it’s never disapointing.

I usually leave the house forgetting something important. You might say that’s because I’m always late or that I’m just a bit of an airhead. Anyway, mostly I tend to remember the thing I forgot when I’m just outside the door and ofcourse already had locked it, so I can run back in as quickly as possible and be even more late than I would’ve been before. Today however, I didn’t remember to run back in and so I took off for a walk in the park. As I was about fourty-five minutes away from home I remembered what I forgot. To pee. Without me realizing my bladder had filled up like a good sized waterballoon and it wasn’t gonna hold much longer. One little pat and it would burst.
Now you should know that the weather is still quite disapointing for the time of year so, just my luck, all the little restaurants in the park were closed. As I tried to stumble / limp my way towards home I came to think that I didn’t have any keys on me. My boyfriend had lost his keys a few weeks ago and hadn’t gave a shit got the chance to replace his keys. With the consequence that we’ve been sharing keys and one of us finds himself/herself  only herself really locked outside with noone there to open the door at least twice a week. And here I was again, locked outside my own house, with a bladder the size of  lake Michigan.  Hopping from one leg to the other I rang the doorbell, once, twice, hundreds of times. Even though it felt pretty pointless after the first couple of times, I still somehow felt comfort in ringing the bell. It kind of felt like I at least was trying something instead of just standing there about to pee my pants on my own doorstep. Calling my boyfriend is just as pointless as ringing a doorbell when you know noone is there to open the door. Not only does my phone somehow not connect to his, he also rarely keeps his phone on him or is there to hear it. So after ten minutes (which felt like an hour) I decided to call one of our friends to try to play the intermediary and ask him to come home. And then there he was, after having to wait thirty minutes he finally let me in. I ran up the stairs while opening my button and zipper and barely had time to take down my pants. But there it was, once again, the best feeling in the world. To finally be able to sit down on a toilet after waiting to go for so long, and pee.

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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