And we’re naming her.. Sister.


Today a Dutch actress had her third child. Another daughter, she already had two. People were speculating about the name for weeks, which is not that strange, since her other two girls are listening to the names Bloem (Flower) and Mensje (Human). Forums were filled with possible names, but no one had guessed the name this third child is doomed to live with; Zus (Sister).

I really don’t understand why people feel the need to give their children names that are nouns and actually can be used in a sentence. I’m talking about names like Tree, Window, Apple, Hare, Star, Rock or Bear. There are books filled with normal names to choose from and yet people feel the need to be original and give their precious newborn a name that no one else has. They don’t seem to understand that there’s actually a reason for that.

Celebrities are the worst ones. Hardly ever you hear a celebrity giving a normal name to their child. Mostly, they name their children after fruits (Peaches, Apple), Superheroes (Kal-el), Brands (Rolls Roys, Chanel, Levi, Mercedes, Diesel) or just make a name up (Bluebell Madonna, Limoni, Moxie Crimefighter). The most ridiculous thing I find when people are so in love with their baby that they just name him /her Beautiful, Precious MYYY PRRECIOUSS, Candy, Innocent, Diamond, Princess and more of those words that are not supposed to be used as names.

I thought us down-to-earth Dutchies would never get into the trend of weird baby names, but I’m afraid we also caught the creativity virus. The strangest names I’ve heard in Holland are the following:

J   If you think I made a typing mistake, I’ll have to disappoint you. It’s J. That’s it. Really. No Jay, or anything like that. Less is more these parents must’ve thought.
Boy    Just so people would never have to question his sex.
Broadcast   Parents with a clear ambition for their child. This name was given to a baby twice in 2011.
Usnavy   Yes, that is correct. US Navy. I’ve actually heard this name from a friend who is a midwife in Holland. The woman giving birth told her that she had seen this name on a ship when she visited America and thought it was a good name for her child. I’m sure she didn’t know what it really meant.
Elkevino   Ehh.. ok.
Quaraylius   I don’t even know if I’m sure how to pronounce that..

E   No, again no mistake. The name E, was given to a baby girl in 2011. I guess you pronounce it as A
Belle-Tiara   I don’t really know what to say to that..
Diamantha    Samantha was too standard?
Tiger   Cute little girl, but as an adult woman not so great
Cinderella    Horrible. Not such a pretty girl either..
GoldenPalaceDotCom  I’m not even sure if it’s a girl or a boy. In 2005 the internet casino said to pay 15.000 dollar to the people that would name their child after the website. And some idiots did.

Some strange names are given to children over the last couple of years. Even though a lot of creativity is possible, not every name is allowed. In Holland you’re not allowed to give your child a name that’s also a common surname. Other than that the municipality decides whether a name is appropriate or not. For example it is technically allowed to give your son a girls’ name, or the other way around. The following names are given to people who have to live the rest of their lives being reminded of their parents’  sense of humor.

Coos Busters
Chris Mus
Heaven Leigh
P. Nis
Brad Wursten
Dick Assman
James James 

What these parents don’t seem to realize is that their children have to live with that name for the rest of their lives. They are burdened with their names their whole lives. From being teased in school, to having to spell their name every time and being laughed at every moment they introduce themselves. And not forgetting about writing their oh- so – original/funny name under their job application letter. You’re just not taking seriously when your name is Precious or Apple.

If you want to be funny or original, just get a pet. My cat’s name is Darwin, but I would never consider naming my future child that. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has, and should have, the right to give their baby the name that they like the most. Just think about your child as well, would he or she also be happy with the name you’ve chosen?

What do you think? And what’s the strangest name you’ve heard recently?

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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