Today I had a lazy day in bed where I watched endless youtube videos. I ended up watching an interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt, where she talks about Vajazzling. This might be old news to you all, but as a down-to-earth Dutch girl I was (and am) amazed. To those who are also new to the concept, I’ll explain it to you in the easiest way possible; vajazzling is a surprise down at the lady bits. Women not only go through the hell of waxing their vajayjays, they now cover up the torture marks with diamonds. You can pick any shape you want, a heart, flower, butterfly or star, or even the name of your lover, nothing is too much. The diamonds are glued on, and fall off after a day or five. A bit of action and your butterfly is back to being a caterpillar.

Now the first question, well, there is only one question really: Why in the world do women feel the need to put diamonds on their crotch? Do women think men like to see our genitals sparkle? To speak for myself, I must say I have never had any complains that men find that my treasury didn’t have enough gems.

Jennifer Love Hewitt on the other hand was clearly excited about the whole thing. She said vajazzling helped her through her horrible break up and she felt pretty again. Huh? Why would you lighten up your Bermuda triangle after your break up? I’m sure it would’ve been a great idea to vajazzle in the morning, but taking your shining star to an empty home afterwards sounds a bit depressing.

And then there’s the most ridiculous thing of all; pejazzling. You can see it coming, it’s for men. That’s right, apparently there’s men out there who think women get turned on by a penis decorated like a Christmas garland. It’s like when a man would wear a big diamond ring. Definitely a surprise, but not sexy.

To me it’s clear, vajazzling is not for me. I’m not a big diamond fan in the first place, but I also find it a bit.. you remember the tramp stamps? In that area. But that’s my opinion, I don’t want to judge others for choosing to pimp their private parts, that’s really their decision. America offers you plenty of options anyway. And don’t be sad if you’re not from the US; Australia is also getting into the vajazzle business. That must be the most glamour you can get down under.

Would you vajazzle / pejazzle your genitals?  


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