A letter to my Prince (Harry) Charming


Dear Harry,

I have to admit it, I can’t hold it to myself any longer, I’m desperately in love with you. I know I have a boyfriend, but he’s just an ordinairy guy. Don’t worry Harry, the minute you appear on my doorstep it’s all you babe. My boyfriend will understand.

I love your cheeky smile, you sparkling eyes, your sense of humor and your incredibly  hot and sexy welltrained body. The fact that you’re in the army and take care of African children. I love everything about you Har, my dreamy prince.

I must admit Harry, you weren’t always my favourite. Back in the day I wouldn’t even have thought about choosing you over your brother, who had such lovely blonde hair and a gorgeous babyface. He looked just like your mum Diana and who didn’t love her? I’m sorry, but I used to fantasize about your brother Harry, I wanted to be his princess. I could see myself riding him a horse on the beach, me at the front and him sitting close behind me, our blonde hairs waving in the wind as the sun would set. But no worries my love, nowadays I’d say he looks more like the horse than the prince I used to be having my wildest fantasies about. He also seems a bit stiff nowadays, which I understand people expect from him since he’s the second in line for the Brittish throne. But still, a bit of silliness wouldn’t misfit him, don’t you think? As I focussed so much on William, I completely missed out on your incredible transformation. I must admit I didn’t fancy your red hair and freckles back in the days, but now along with your strong build and naughty smile I’m having some crazy dreams about you, Har. We could be fantastic you and me, doing the amazing work you started in Africa and give the tabloids something good to talk about. If you know what I mean, huh Har? And after your hard work in the army, I’ll be waiting in your palace for you to come home. I will dress up like the cleaning lady and wait for you with oysters and champagne.

Doesn’t that sound nice, my dear Harry? I’m the girl of your dreams, I’ll be your princess. Let’s meet sometime soon, my dear, don’t let us both wait any longer. I’d invite you to my home, but I’m afraid it doesn’t even come near your palace. I think it’d be best if we’d meet at your place. I suggest you make me a candlelight dinner and you wear your army uniform. You could tell me some wonderful stories, although I probably wouldn’t listen to what you’d say, cause I’m melting away with your sexy accent.

How does next Saturday sound to you Har?

Truely yours,

Your princess Eve

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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