The waiting game..

The waiting game..

As you might have read in my blog about Dutch Habits, in Holland we are very fond of making appointments. Not only work-related ones, but with everything. Appointments with friends, family, doctors, hairdressers, the mailman, our dogs and anyone who you could possibly make an appointment with are sceduled in your agendas days or even weeks before the actual event. Our agendas often have daily timetables, so we can scedule exactly from what time until what time we can have lunch with a friend or get our new haircut. In Holland the appointments are fixed, don’t you dare to stop by other than the sceduled appointment, we won’t let you in. But do notice tht if we have an appointment sceduled, unless you’re dying from a terrible decease, you can’t cancel less than 24 hours beforehand. Also we like to be on time and expect others to do the same.
Unfortunately I have a gift for arriving exactly ten minutes late, which my Dutch friends can’t always appreciate. That I do send a message that I will be late, doesn’t make up for the fact that they’re waiting alone in a bar for ages. I do feel sorry and I honestly try to be on time next time, but I just always manage to leave the house at the moment we were suppose to meet. Nothing works, I’ve tried to turn back my watch and all the clocks in the house, but I then tell myself I have a bit of extra time because of this very fact.

Since September I live in Slovakia with a group of Scandinavians, Irish, English, Israeli and Greeks and it turns out my ten minutes late means two hours early in Slovakia. Last January I held my birthdayparty. I told everyone (ofcourse a week before the actual date) that it was going to be at eight, so we could have a nice dinner together. Not having eaten all day to save up and two hours after the set time, I was starting to get starving and worried noone would come to my party. My landlady, who I invited at 8.30 was probably wondering the same thing. When people finally arrived at 10.30, I had already started on eating the potatoes and my landlady was drunk. Here I’m the one who’s waiting, and it sucks. If I’d get a euro for every minute I have to wait here, I’d be able to buy a rolex at this stage. Just have to make sure to turn it back ten minutes when I get home. 😉

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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  1. I hate living by a watch, but at times we must.. 2.5 hour late for your dinner? oh, would have been drunk too 🙂

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