Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds

Today I went to town to look for the perfect ‘Purim’ outfit. Purim is a Jewish Holiday, to celebrate Queen Ester and Mordechai’s deliverance of the Jewish people from destruction by Minister Haman. The celebration itself is very colourful and joyful, people send eachother drinks and delicious food. And now comes the best part for celebrating Purim: You dress up in costumes and drink until you don’t remember the difference between right and wrong. I’m not Jewish, but when there’s something to celebrate and a reason for dressing up in wacky costumes, I’m in. I think we should celebrate eachothers religious holidays more often. But anyway, when I went to town this morning afternoon I still didn’t know what to look for. That’s the thing, I get really enthousiastic about costume parties, but it always ends up with me not knowing what to wear until the last day because my head has too many ideas to handle. I decided to just have a look in the shops to see what’s out there and decide later. As I’m walking into Tesco I feel a pair of eyes burning in my back. I turn around and notice a security woman armed with handcuffs, a stick and some other stuff you can do some serious damage with. She’s looking at me suspiciously and I immediately feel uncomfortable. She doesn’t trust me. I would never steal anything except for that pack of gum when I was five, oh and the time I forgot to pay for the lunch but by the way this woman looks at me I find myself acting suspicious as well. I notice I’m walking a bit faster and holding my bag tighter than necessary. And I’m looking around me to see who’s watching me. I can’t help it.  I find myself almost inside the clothesracks to avoid the woman, when she turns left, I turn right. I can’t concentrate on actually looking for something, I’m prowling around the shop like James Bond on a mission. She follows me. Wherever I go, she is. I can’t shop like this. When I decide to leave the shop by going down the stairs she magically turns up in front of me. I try not to look at her. What I really want to do is put one hand underneath my coat like I’m grabbing my gun. But I don’t. Next time I might steal something, because they just want me to. It could also be a good idea for Purim. Thief. And then I just drink so much it won’t feel so bad anymore.

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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