Homemade Veggieburgers

Homemade Veggieburgers

Who said vegetarians can’t have an awesome burger? Ofcourse you can buy different kinds of veggieburgers in the supermarket, but if you want to be extra healthy (no preservatives and all that stuff) and spend less money you should make them yourself! It’s really easy and so delicious! Also for all of ya ‘meateaters‘ out there! 🙂

What do you need to make such an awesome veggieburger:
– 1 finely chopped onion
– 3 eggs
– 350 gram chickpeas
– 350 gram corn
– 350 gram brown beans optional
– salt
– cayenne pepper
– 60 gram chopped parsley
– 230 gram breadcrums
– 230 gram grated cheese
– oil

How to make them:

Put the onion, eggs, chickpeas, beans, salt and cayenne pepper in a mixer and mix the whole thing. Put everything in a big bowl and add the parsley, breadcrums and cheese.

Make as many burgers as you like.
Heat the fryingpan and fry the burgers until they have a nice brown color.

They’re nice on a burger with some lettuce, tomato and mayonaise, but also on the saide of your potato and vege.

Enjoy your delicious vegetarian meal!


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