Indian Style Living

Indian Style Living

Last year I went travelling through Asia and New Zealand. I started off in India and immediately fell in love (not with a Indian, wait for it) with the colours. India has many faces, but even though it’s also the most discusting place to be, it’s also the most beautiful. You had to be there to understand. India is incrediably colourful, you see it in the clothing they wear, the markets on the streets and the interior of the many restaurants. A typical Indian restaurant has no chairs to sit on. You have to take off your shoes at the entrance and you pick some of the many pillows and cushions to sit on. The tables are often made of coke crates with a large plank on it, hidden by a colourful rug. There’s also many tapestries and transparant curtains hanging on the wall, ofcourse in various wonderful colours. I was hooked. When I’d have my own apartment back home, I’d decorate it Indian style. It makes me happy to be surrounded by colours. Here’s some inspiration for all of ya Indian style lovers out there!

This style can give a bit of a ‘dark’ impression in your house. The picture in the bottom left corner shows it doesn’t always have to be like that. You can keep your walls white and decorate with colourful cushions and rugs.

So what do you need to decorate your room / house in Indian / Bohemian style? Here’s a few tips:

Colour is number one. No Indian / Bohemian style house without it.  Number two is cushions. Lots of them, in different shapes and colours. More than your couch really needs, if you have a couch. Big pillows and cushions on the floor also make a brilliant place to sit.

Three: Tapestries and transparant curtains on the wall. Especially a good option if you have a big white wall, want some colour but don’t want to paint it. You have ’em in various colours, big or small.

Four: Low tables and chairs. Decorate them with candlestraysbooks and vases.

Five: Indian style rugs. There’s so many of them!

Six: Photo frames on the wall in different shapes.

Seven: Lamps. Indian style 🙂 Or candles ofcourse. Oil lamps are also pretty!

Good luck! 


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