Many ways to die..

Many ways to die..

When I walked home from work yesterday, I realised how lucky I am to be alive, healthy and everything. If you look around, you will see many ways and situations to end up at the other side. One step too much, every decision matters. I started to think about it after I crossed the street where I didn’t see the car coming from the left. One second later and the car would’ve hit me, with all consequences that it brings. A month ago something simular happened, when I cycled home, also from work. maybe it’s a sign I should stop working

Here’s what happened. My work is 10 minutes away from the place I now call home. I finished work and just got on my bike. As I am cycling on the pavement (Slovakia doesn’t have cycleroads), all of a sudden a massive truck reverses from a tiny alley without any warning lights or sounds. I break, but can’t stop immediately due to the snow and ice that coveres the road. I slip, the truckdriver sees me, breaks and I bump into one of the wheels. The worst thing is that the truckdriver seems to find my frightend reaction quite amusing. I, on the other hand, am not amused at all. I saw my life flashing by in the few seconds it took. I could’ve ended up underneath the truck and be paralised for life. Accidents are just around the corner, it’s pretty amazing how some people survive all these dangers in life, including all the horrible diseases you could get, and live a hundred years. It makes me realise we should make each day count. Live it as if it’s your last. Because it could be.


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