Bucketlist #10. Indoor Climbing ✔

Bucketlist #10. Indoor Climbing ✔

15 February 2012

Today was the day my long waiting was finally rewarded, finally I went climbing. I’ve always loved to climb. When I was a little girl with whiteblonde hair, pink dresses and white tights I always had to climb every tree, rock or whatever there was to climb. My mum often asked me to wear jeans, but I was determent to wear dresses only and they didn’t stop me from running around. Instead of going on the swings, I went.. well.. on the swings. I climbed the beams of the swings when my parents weren’t looking. When I was about nine, I received my indoor climbing certificate at the city’s climbing club. After that my need to climb stuff decreased a bit, until I met a couple Danish when I was over in New-Zealand, who were just as crazy about climbing as I once was. Armed with the matress from the car we slept in we went to climb the massive Elephant rocks you can find in the South Island. And then I got hooked again. I wanted more. Do it more often. Get better.

Climbing on an indoor climbingwall has been on my bucketlist for a while, but it never really was the right time. Until today. In the middle of the uni you can find a small building. The floor is covered with mats, the walls with grips and everywhere enthusiastic climbers who are all way better at climbing than I ever be. Safetyropes are for pussies. This is a free-climbing area. The longer I’m there, the more excited I get. I missed this! And I haven’t lost my skills. Not that I was ever really good, but still good enough to do a bit of climbing without immediately falling back to earth. After a bit my arms are getting tired. I feel muscles I didn’t know I had. And that feeling get worse in the days after. But it was awesome! Free climbing rocks!

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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