Valentine’s madness

Valentine’s madness

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but The Netherlands turns into one big pink heart at the beginning of February. Lovers rush to the shops to buy all kinds of expensive romantic shit their lover doesnt need with money that they don’t really have. Really, admit it, Valentines Day is a big commercial event with only one goal; to make as much profit as possible. Shouldn’t people be really nice to eachother more often than once a year? Or suprise eachother with a romantic dinner, note or gift at any time of the year? I think so.
The idea of finally letting the person you secretly love know how you feel is kind of sweet. But not putting your name on the postcard doensn’t really make any difference does it? I once received such a postcard. And I’m still clueless who had a crush on me at that time. It might have worked out if he (or she, you never know these days) had told me how he/she really felt. Not likely if it would’ve been a girl but still, it’s nice to know that you’re appreciated.
I like doing special things for eachother, or especially making nice things. I never really have enough money to spend and aren’t the best presents the ones that have a meaning and when you know someone has put in a lot of effort?
I once made my boyfriend 21 love is.. cards. For, you could’ve guessed, his 21st birthday. The cards I made myself and each one came with a present. Love is.. telling him how you feel (present: 21 reasons why I loved him), Love is.. relaxing (present; massage), Love is.. seeing eachother (present: 15 photos in a frame) etc., you get the picture (haha). He loved it. And I loved giving it to him. The presents really meant something and that’s what matters. But what love really is has nothing to do with presents. Love is spending time together, being there for eachother and having someone to share everything with. We don’t need to buy eachother expensive gifts on a day in the middle of February. We need to always make our relationship special and enjoy being together. That’s what love really is about.

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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  1. Hi,
    It’s Valentines Day today here, and my Husband and I will be going our for a nice lunch (he’s a shift worker and has been working all night). We have been married for a lot of years, and we never worry about presents on Valentines Day. But each year we love going somewhere different, either day or night depending on work of course. 😀

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