Bucketlist #31. Send 30 Postcrossing postcards ✔

Bucketlist #31. Send 30 Postcrossing postcards ✔

When I was young I use to get mail. You know, these rectangle shaped, often white paper things that fell from your mailbox onto the doormat. These things contained a personal, handwritten note inside. Remember the time you expected a letter or postcard and waited every morning the anticipation  for the mailman to come and bring you your personal message. And when he arrived you didn’t know how fast you had to wrip the envelope to read the message that was written to you from another part of the country, of sometimes even the world. Then you read you card or letter, once, twice, sometimes multiple time to be sure you didn’t miss any word that was written. Most of the mail was from familie or friends, sent to you from a Holiday destination, to make you as jealous as possible with the cristal clear blue ocean and white beaches on the front of the postcard.

The back of the card usually contained to self drawn sun with a high amount of degrees in there, to give you an idea of the temperature. ‘This place is fantastic!’, you read at home sitting in your window where the raindrops found their way to the ground.
Another possibility was that the card came from a friend you met on a holiday yourself once upon a time. Penpals we called them, who you told your aventures and biggest secrets to, because they would never be able to tell anyone else that knew you. Sometimes you would include a small present with the letter, as a sign of close friendship. It didn’t matter that the earring you sent arrived to your penpal as flat as can be. It was the thought that counted. Also on birthday’s or Valentine’s Day I often received some postcards. In both cases they were usually from grandparents or aunts and uncles, or even from my own parents. But even then, I was full of excitement and extremely happy with the cards, even if there was only a name written on the back of it. The fact that someone went through all the effort to buy and post your postcard made me feel very special.
Nowadays people don’t send postcards anymore, which is a shame. Everything over the internet, which is easy, cheap and fast, and we don’t need to leave the house to buy a card and post it. And still.. I can still be childishly happy when I see my name on an envelope, handwritten and surely includes a personal message.
A while ago I found a website that meets my needs: www.postcrossing.com. This website registred people from all over the word, who’s hearts skip a beat when finding a postcard in the mail. I’ve send 22 postcards so far. Now it’s time to sit by the door and wait. 🙂

3 May 2012: Yay, I reached my goal, I sent 30 postcards through postcrossing.com! My last two I just dropped off at the postoffice. They’re going to FFinland and Holland. My other 28 cards have travelled 83.554 km to:
Sweden, USA, Poland, USA, Russia, England, Germany, Holland, China, Ukraine, Holland, Germany, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Ukraine, China, Belarus Brazil, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Taiwan, Russia, Belarus, USA & Canada.

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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