Bucketlist #77. Make Awesome Brownies ✔

Bucketlist #77. Make Awesome Brownies ✔

What do you need:
* 140 gram butter
* 4 eggs
* 340 gram brown sugar
* 1 theelepel vanilla essence
* 150 gram cacao
* 140 gram flower
* 150 gram roughly chopped white & dark chocolate
* Salt

How to make them:
Pre heat the oven at 170 degrees. Melt the butter and let it cool. Beat the eggs and add the sugar. Keep stirring until it’s a nice and smooth mixture. Then add the cooled butter and vanilla essence. Sift the salt, cacao and flower and mix it all up. Add the pieces of chocolate at the end. Put the mix on a buttered oven plate. 35 minutes in the oven, let it cool and.. let’s eat!

Warning: These brownies are so good you might want to eat them all yourself!

Lots of love,smiles and happiness,



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